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2002-2003 BOTSWANA Performance Based Reward System

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Project: Performance Based Reward System in BOTSWANA

Year: 2002-2003

Client Organization: Directorate of Public Service Management, Government of Botswana

Donor: United Nations Development Program

Description of the Assignment: Phase I: to develop options for a government-wide performance management program covering 85,000 Public Officers by April 1, 2004. The assignment was a natural extension to the Performance Management System for Departments, then in its third year of implementation in the Botswana Civil Service. Phase II: Once the selected option was approved by the Permanent Secretaries, the second phase of the assignment concentrated on the full development of the program and government-wide implementation.

My Contributions: Phase I: Produced a comprehensive options paper, involving a comparative analysis of 4 countries, a risk analysis, and a methodology for implementation; carried out consultations with stakeholders, presented the programme to all Permanent Secretaries, and produced the policy, tools, forms, guides, delegations and processes. Phase II: developed the program, tools, guides, delegated authority document, monitoring and reporting system and delivered a 2-day training session for 150 trainer/managers; oversaw the work of a team of consultants tasked with developing the non-monetary reward and conflict management components of the program.

Outcome: Engagement was high and consultative processes were very successful throughout the project. As a result of the support provided, the Government of Botswana successfully introduced a performance management program for employees which cascaded with the National Development Strategy and was supported by stakeholders. Government officials had a flexible framework to apply many of the lessons learned that would be collected from experience. Very early on in the implementation controls were introduced to monitor progress. Clear lines of communication were established to ensure the various stakeholders were regularly updated. This promoted engagement and support for the employee performance management program across the civil service.

From my Journal: This was my first international assignment. It stretched over a two year period. It was a fabulous experience that launched my career in international development. I gave all I had to give. The work was formidable but all-powerful. My most vivid memory is looking out the window of the home bound aircraft thinking: What a rush. I have to do this again.

United Nations Place, Gabarone, Botswana, 2003The UNDP Office in Botswana.

My office in the DPSM building, Gabarone, Botswana, 2003My office desk at the Directorate of Public Service Management, Government of Botswana.  I had coffee served with warm milk every day.

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