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2004 AFGHANISTAN Center of Government Support

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Project: Center of Government Support in AFGHANISTAN

Year: 2004

Client Organization: Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC)

Donor: United Nations Development Programme

Description of the Assignment: The objective of the project was to bring to the Commission an expertise in public sector human resources management to support the leadership on several key reforms planned for the civil service such as the new civil service pay and grading, RRR (retraining, reskilling and redeployment), the revision of the civil service law, and the establishment of control systems. Expectations included an account of the Commission’s organizational divisions and the drafting of associated leadership competency requirements.

My Contributions: In partnership with the Commission’s newly appointed senior executive team produced 3 briefings: Building Inter-Ministerial Human Resources Management Capacity across the Afghanistan Civil Service; a Methodology for the Development of a Strategic Plan for the Commission and a Preliminary Review of the Commission’s Readiness to undertake the proposed civil service reform; presented an introduction to competency based management for the leadership cadre; modified the structure to fit priority objectives of the Commission and drafted associated job descriptions and job advertisements.

Outcome: As a result of this first assignment executive competencies and capacities were strengthened. At this early stage in the civil service’s reform agenda recommendations presented to the executive team served to prompt further reflections and considerations as part of the drafting process of the new civil service framework.

From my Journal: My first assignment in a post conflict country and Islamic nation enriched my practice and underlined the significance of a value system in an organization. I vividly remember landing in Kabul with large rocks painted white on each side of the runway to show that the area had been demined. Safety, security, trust and loyalty were the core values driving this transition. Peace was the ultimate goal.


The UNDP office in Kabul.

page 3 Afghanistan View to WorkA corner street vendor in Kabul.  One of my best photos.

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