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2007 – 2008 AFGHANISTAN Justice Sector Reform Project

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Project: Justice Sector Reform Project in AFGHANISTAN

Year: 2007 – 2008

Client Organization: Ministry of Justice and the Central Prisons Department

Donor: European Commission

Description of the Assignment: To provide expertise in the organization reform and capacity building of HR functions at the Ministry of Justice; to support  executives in the implementation of the Priority Reform and Restructuring process (PRR) of the Ministry of Justice and including the Central Prisons Department; to strengthen skills, procedures and organizational structures of the Ministry; and to support the design and development of a new legal aid department within the Ministry. This assignment was carried out in co-ordination with development activities carried out by technical experts supporting the Supreme Court, the Attorney General’s Office and central agencies.

My Contributions: In co-operation with the Civil Service Commission, provided HR strategic advice and technical support to Ministry of Justice officials in the implementation of the Priority Reform and Restructuring (PRR) project (i.e. this is a restructuring process), a pay and grading reform, and a new Civil Servant Law; established and supported 3 HR working groups within the Ministry to project manage key reform areas; evaluated and recommended government-wide reform policies and implementation plans and proposed practices, processes and tools to promote capacity building within the Justice Sector; provided technical and strategic guidance to the RIMU (Reform Implementation Management Unit) mandated to support the Human Resources Directorate in its reform work.

Outcome: With the support provided, employees from the Reform Implementation Management Unit eventually replaced retiring HR executives and professionals; a complement control proposal developed for the Ministry to facilitate HR management was later expanded for implementation across the civil service; standardization of HR practices across the justice institutions facilitated partnerships and shared strategies and initiatives; Central Prisons Department reform activities developed and implemented during the length of this project improved HR oversight capacities and human resources programs within the Ministry of Justice.

From my Journal:  In the photo of the office at the Ministry of Justice you will see three posters with writing in Dari on the wall.  They were designed by a team of communication consultants working from the central agency to promote the Priority Reform and Restructuring .  I managed to get three posters and bring them to Canada.  These posters were then mounted on a rigid MDF Board and put in my luggage.  Upon arrival in Kabul, I  brought them to the project office of the Ministry to help motivate and engage people for change.  The experience was priceless.

page-9-Afghanistan-MoJ-offiOur office at the Ministry of Justice.  Notice the Government of Afghanistan Civil Service Reform posters on the wall and the electric heater on ‘High’. (yes, it is quite cold in Kabul in the winter).

page-9-Afghanistan-MoJ-WorkDelivering a job description writing course at the Ministry of Justice assisted by my translator, Azim.

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