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2007 RWANDA Civil Service Reform Project

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Project: Civil Service Reform Project – RWANDA                            Year: 2007

Client Organization: Ministry for Public Service, Skills Development, Vocational Training and Labour (MIFOTRA)

Donor: Department for International Development (DFID), UK

Description of the Assignment: This project was mainly concerned with revising reform plans to better reflect changes to capacities, strategic imperatives and  government priorities.

My Contributions: In partnership with the clients made revisions to the 2006-2010 sectoral strategy to better align with project support in the area of public administration reform. This technical support focused on institutional development, human resources and the legal framework. Working with national legal experts, provided input to the legal document establishing the Public Service Commission and produced an accompanying draft Cabinet Submission for the Minister’s approval; developed a proposal for the programming and management of training activities for the public service and built the capacity of ministry human resources practitioners.

Outcome: Revising the strategy served to focus reform efforts as well as guide project capacity building and change management efforts. The draft legal document and Cabinet Submission establishing a Public Service Commission which described the roles and responsibilities, organizational structure, budget and job descriptions was eventually approved with minor modifications. The proposed framework for the management of training served to generate consultations with Ministries to standardize practices and define institutional roles and responsibilities in the development and delivery of training programs.

From my Journal: It is true that every single thing that has ever happened in an organization’s life is preparing it for a moment that is yet to come. This is development work. The ideas you left behind, the knowledge you successfully transferred, the tools leaders found useful, the recommendations that filled presentations – I found that they often contribute to a change that happens long after the project has ended. Sometimes it takes a year; sometimes it takes a decade. Everything has its own time. This is development work.

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