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2009 – 2010 LIBERIA Civil Service Capacity Building Project

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Project: Civil Service Capacity Building Project LIBERIA                                         Year: 2009-2010

Client Organization: Civil Service Agency (CSA)

Donor: Department for International Development (DFID), UK

Description of the Assignment: While ultimately the legal and regulatory framework for civil service management needed modernization, the assignment’s objective focused on updating key human resources practices with a view of strengthening the principles of merit and transparency.

My Contributions: Facilitated a workshop with key government counterparts and drafted an HR policy as backdrop to the civil service management reform; assessed establishment controls, payroll and budgeting processes alongside  existing Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and workforce analytic capacities; drafted and presented an Organizational Management Manual  to guide HR professionals manage workforce analytics to control employee Count, Allocations and Costs; in partnership with a team of Civil Service Agency HR Officers developed a merit based recruitment policy, processes, guide, tools and a 5 day train the trainer program; delivered the training to 45 HR and Civil Service managers (3 sessions); assembled the cadre of HR professionals across the civil service to build compliance, standardization, professional practices and development capacities; recommended and facilitated the launch of an Inter-Ministerial HR Committee.

Outcome: The draft HR policy was subsequently adopted by the government to frame the human resources values, programs, services, roles and responsibilities and drive the change process; the Organizational Management Manual served to inspire new HRIS initiatives and set more robust organizational design practices within the civil service; the 45 civil servants <certified> in merit based recruitment established values that served to reinforce good hiring decisions based on merit and guide the development of associated HR policies and practices. The recruitment training program was submitted to the agency responsible for civil service training as part of an ongoing course offering.

From my Journal: The power and influence working from a Central Agency responsible for leading a change agenda is substantial – in theory. In reality, the power to change anything is actually best shared every step of the way. Creating opportunities that encourage stakeholders to contribute to a change supercharges its implementation . It promotes collaborative practices and builds ownership. Central agencies should always make a conscious effort to collaborate and partner when substantial changes are on the horizon.  It empowers everyone to manage the change and it models leadership that breeds trust, co-operation and pride.  Admittedly, sharing the responsibility for change builds an environment  designed for change.  I thank my colleagues from the Civil Service Agency for allowing me to work with them to build such capacity.

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