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2009 AFGHANISTAN Merit Based Recruitment Review

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Project: Merit Based Recruitment Review  AFGHANISTAN

Year: 2009

Client Organization: The World Bank

Donor: The World Bank

Description of the Assignment: The objective of the mission was to conduct a review of the merit-based recruitment system in the Government of Afghanistan Civil Service. This included a review  of supervised appointments at all grade levels including compliance, training, reporting, resources and the overall quality of the process. A report was required identifying issues which detracted government appointment processes from becoming an effective, merit-based appointment system with a set of practical  recommendations to improve the merit-based appointment system. This review was part of the broader objectives of  the government’s public administration reform agenda.

My Contributions: Based on research, interviews, focus group and information collected from performance indicators, a report was submitted with findings, analysis and 19 recommendations clustered in one of 5 key elements: policy, governance, recruitment process, performance monitoring and appeals. A synopsis of achievements in recruitment and staffing was also provided to facilitate linkages to development plans.

Outcome: The findings and recommendations were provided in a report to the World Bank. The outcome of this review contributed to the development of a way forward to advance the application and institutionalization of merit-based recruitment in the Afghanistan Civil Service and to guide the next wave of civil service reform work.

From my Journal: This was my fifth assignment in Afghanistan. I had grown accustomed to the Afghanistan Civil Service. Green tea served with almonds became part of the work routine. I had built a solid network of government officials and technical experts that I could meet regularly to exchange notes. This network made it a comfortable and a very effective working environment – despite the daily security updates. Clearly, there are definite advantages to returning to countries once worked.

page-11-Afghanistan-meThursday afternoons and Fridays are the “weekend” in Afghanistan. This is a photo taken on a Friday stroll – always in close vicinity of the Capital City.

Page-11-Afghanistan-Local-SA small shop where Westerners often visit on Fridays in Kabul.  Here you can purchase a bag for your computer, if you like.

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