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2010 AFGHANISTAN Public Financial Management Project

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Project: Public Financial Management Project AFGHANISTAN

Year: 2010

Client Organization: Ministry of Finance, Budget Department

Donor: Department for International Development (DFID), UK

Description of the Assignment: To identify and put in place institutional strengthening measures  including assigning levels of responsibility for delivering change, mapping business processes and conducting structural assessments; contributing to the approach, format and content of plans and reporting systems required to improve the management of programs and projects; and to address priority issues of staff retention, performance management, workforce analytic, recruitment and training.

My Contributions: Finalized the Budget Department business plans (3), mapped all business processes covering the budgeting cycle (9) in partnership with the client and financial consultants (including 3 business processes for the aid management programs) ; drafted a training proposal to implement business processes in public financial management; developed a proposal for the introduction of a Reporting and Performance Management system for management; conducted a position/employee inventory of the current organization; proposed changes to the structure, roles, responsibilities and authorities of departments in order to facilitate the implementation of plans and strategies; developed a framework for Governance and Leadership of business plan implementation.

Outcome: Deliverables served to reinforce the strategic implications of processes, structure, practices and policies of the Budget Department; it increased awareness of options to maximize resources and reinforce accountabilities; it strengthened the Department’s ability to deliver on its mandate, to standardize roles and responsibilities within the Budget Department and to standardize budget management practices across Ministries.

From my Journal: Paulo Coelho wrote “Certain things in life simply have to be experienced -and never explained. Love is such a thing.”  May I add that “working in Afghanistan” is also such a thing. It is an experience of the heart: an act of courage to help ; it is a unique experience: nothing will ever compare to it; and finally, it is an experience that binds people together.  Oddly enough secure relationships create stability in places that are not. All my assignments in Afghanistan simply could never be explained to my liking.  It is what it is.

page 14 Afghanistan - meWearing a veil in public places.

page-14-Afghanistan-MoFThe Ministry of Finance in Kabul.

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