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2010 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Global Fund Unit Assessment Project

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Project: Global Fund Unit Assessment Project DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DRC)

Year: 2010

Client Organization: The United Nations Development Program

Donor: The Global Fund

Description of the Assignment: To conduct an organizational assessment and environmental scan of the Global Fund Unit; to assess the state of readiness for transitioning the unit’s responsibility to the government’s Ministry of Health and to recommend strategic priorities and organizational changes to the unit so as to mobilize and expedite the achievement of proposed strategic priorities.

My Contributions: Following extensive consultations with clients, stakeholders and donors, produced a Report of the Independent Review of Human Resource Needs of the UNDP Global Fund Unit consisting of an analysis of the business environment, a DRC Global Fund Strategy, a proposed structural realignment and a transition plan. The report provided a summary of core functions, stakeholders, operational commitments along with a new structure with job profiles and skill/competency requirements; presented findings and recommendations to the UNDP team located in Kinshasa and the Global Fund located in Geneva; guided and integrated the project outputs of an international consultant specializing in the health and finance sectors.

Outcome: The report served to guide the next phase of the Global Fund Program  in the DRC ,  improve performance and find efficiencies. The information presented also assisted with decisions of relevance to the governance and management of the program in DRC, charting the course for the future.

From my Journal: Change involves a series of small steps – executed with poise, tenacity and  ardor. For an organization, taking the first step is often the most difficult because it somehow implicitly confirms a commitment to all the other steps that follow.  It is a commitment to “the change”.  Reserving some time for a collective warm up before this first step is always a good thing.  It may mean more dialogue, introspection, study and preparedness.  But it’s all good – as my sister would say.  Similar to an athlete’s warm-up, it builds resilience, resolve and confidence to make it to the finish line. I applaud organizations with the fortitude to take stock of our shared humanity before embarking on a new adventure.

page-15-Congo-Desk-at-UNDPMy desk at the UNDP DRC Office.

page-15-Congo-UNDP-OfficesUNDP DRC in Kinshasa

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