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2010 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Foreign Policy Implementation

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Project: Foreign Policy Implementation TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO

Year: 2010

Client Organization: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Donor: United Nations Development Programme

Description of the Assignment: The objectives of this fact finding and needs assessment mission were to gather and analyze information so as to define the scope of work required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to implement the revised Foreign Policy.

My Contributions: Based on information collected during this mission I produced a Strategy Implementation Discussion Paper and a Summary of Findings, Challenges and Risks for Strategy Implementation.  A presentation was delivered to senior officials with  a set of recommendations to frame the change strategy for clarity and agility.

Outcome: This fact finding and needs assessment mission served to gather information required to implement changes made to the National Foreign Policy. The strategic proposal developed from this mission established a momentum for change  and a framework for execution.

From my Journal: In addition to the great UDNP team, it was a real treat to work in the same time zone as folks back home. The number of calls home increased and so did the number of same-day responses to emails sent to Canada. It also eliminated the effects of jet lag – which can be annoying sometimes. Mind you, being 6 to 8 hours ahead of the Canadian business day when working in countries such as Afghanistan has its advantages too. Meeting deadlines set by Canadian counterparts are never a problem and you are always one step ahead in your thinking.  I like that.

page-13-Trinidad-andThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital city of Port of Spain in Trinidad.

page-13-Trinidad-and-TThe city of Port of Spain.

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