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2012 SEYCHELLES Advisory Support and Capacity Development on Critical Aspects of the Public Administration Reform Process

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Project: Advisory Support and Capacity Development on Critical Aspects of the Public Administration Reform Process

Year: 2012

CLIENT ORGANIZATION: Department Of Public Administration (DPA) Government Of Seychelles

Donor: The World Bank

Description of the Assignment: To provide advisory support and capacity development on critical aspects of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) process in the Republic of Seychelles; to provide advice and guidance on the accountability structure of government agencies and to conduct a high level functional review of the center of government agencies and departments mandated to manage components of the human resources management program and reform work.

My Contributions: Assessed and provided comments to a Policy Paper on Board Appointments; provided solutions to strengthen the ministry-to-agency accountability framework; conducted a functional review of 3 central agencies and made recommendations for improvements to functions, structure, governance and strategic priorities so as to facilitate PAR implementation; assessed the PAR framework and made recommendations to streamline and ‘projectize’ priorities; developed a PAR human resources strategy framework with consolidated initiatives and conducted a workshop with 44 human resources professionals representing all government institutions to fuel discussions, feedback, and commitment; prepared a report for the Department of Public Administration and briefed executives and senior government officials (including the Vice President of Seychelles) of findings, options and recommendations pertaining to PAR and HR reform.

Outcome: Strategic recommendations and presentations informed decision makers, created a momentum for change and improved understanding of the current and the desired future state; input to policies and new government initiatives inspired future dialogue across institutions and the development of viable options for selecting, clustering, sequencing and monitoring PAR change initiatives.

From my Journal: Thoroughly enjoyed working from this central agency. The reform agenda was heavy but it generated much excitement and a great amount of attention at all levels. Technical advice and expertise was required on a range of reform activities and it was great to have the opportunity to align initiatives that often get lost in the silos found in larger civil service systems. And so, I learned quickly that small island states harbour  many unique ways of stimulating collective change.    I was surrounded with exceptional humility as I helped chart the future of human resources management across the Seychelles Civil Service.  Integrity and dedication exuded from all interactions – two human attributes that are close to my heart.  What a great people.

page-16-Seychelles-NationalThe National Assembly of Seychelles in the capital city of Victoria, on the island of Mahé.

page-16-Seychelles-HistoryA little history displayed at the Morne Seychellois National Park, the highest peak in Seychelles.

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