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Case Studies: Chronological

2012 – 2014 BURUNDI Office Burundais des Recettes – Governance, Management and Human Resources

The on-the-job training and daily exposure to new processes and tools strengthened the HR and Training Directorates capacities, programs, services, roles and responsibilities; the Human Resources governance and collaborative arrangements provided the leadership with …Read More

2012 SEYCHELLES Advisory Support and Capacity Development on Critical Aspects of the Public Administration Reform Process

To provide advisory support and capacity development on critical aspects of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) process in the Republic of Seychelles; to provide advice and guidance on the accountability structure of government agencies and to conduct a high level functional review of the center of government agencies and departments mandated to …Read More

2010 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Global Fund Unit Assessment Project

To conduct an organizational assessment and environmental scan of the Global Fund Unit; to assess the state of readiness for transitioning the unit’s responsibility to the government’s Ministry of Health and to recommend strategic priorities and organizational modifications to the unit so as to …Read More

2010 AFGHANISTAN Public Financial Management Project

To identify and put in place institutional strengthening measures within the budget department including assigning levels of responsibility for delivering change within the budget department structure; addressing priority issues of staff retention, performance management …Read More

2010 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Foreign Policy Implementation

This fact finding and needs assessment mission served to gather information required to implement changes made to the country’s National Foreign Policy. The strategic proposal developed from this mission established a momentum for change and …Read More

2009 – 2010 LIBERIA Civil Service Capacity Building Project

While ultimately the legal and regulatory framework for civil service management needed modernization, the assignment’s objective focused on updating key human resources practices with a view of strengthening the principles of merit …Read More

2009 AFGHANISTAN Merit Based Recruitment Review

The objective of the mission was to conduct a review of the merit-based recruitment system in the Government of Afghanistan Civil Service. This included a review of supervised appointments at all grade levels including compliance, training, reporting, resources and the overall …Read More

2009 INDIA Scarcity, Conflict and Cooperation in Government Public Service: Assessing the Scale, Nature, and Impact of Side-Payments for Human Resource Postings

This rather ‘academically’ inclined assignment emphasized the fragility of merit-based human resources practices and its intrinsic linkages to the organizational value system. The assignment brought elements of risk management, performance measurement and …Read More

2007 – 2008 AFGHANISTAN Justice Sector Reform Project

Standardization of HR practices across the justice institutions facilitated partnerships and shared strategies and initiatives; the Central Prisons Department reform activities developed and implemented during the length of this project improved HR oversight capacities and …Read More

2007 RWANDA Civil Service Reform Project

This technical support focused on institutional development, human resources management and the legal framework. Working with national legal experts, provided input to the legal document establishing the Public Service Commission and …Read More

2007 AFGHANISTAN Customs Reform Project

Building capability was achieved by introducing management intervention processes, practices and procedures as well as strengthening management and executive competencies. Staff supported the implementation of planned change in …Read More

2006 RWANDA Civil Service Reform Project

In response to the Minister’s request a Public Administration Reform strategy was produced and presented recommending the development of 3 key frameworks to facilitate the start up and execution of the civil service reform. The strategy highlighted an Read More

2005 AFGHANISTAN Customs Reform Project

As part of the Customs Reform Project and Ministry of Finance Strategic Plan worked with the Deputy Minister Customs and Revenue, Director General Customs and the Deputy Director General Customs to develop a competency framework for the senior managers …Read More

2004 AFGHANISTAN Center of Government Support

In partnership with the Commission’s newly appointed senior executive team produced 3 briefings: Building Inter-Ministerial Human Resources Management Capacity across the Afghanistan Civil Service; a Methodology for the …Read More