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2005 LAOS PDR Civil Service Statute and Sub-National Recruitment

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Project: Civil Service Statute and Sub-National Recruitment in LAOS PDR

Year: 2005

Client Organization: Laos PDR Public Administration and Civil Service

Donor: United Nations Development Programme

Description of the Assignment: As part of the Government’s Governance and Public Administration Reform (GPAR) Project to conduct a review of the Civil Service Decree describing the terms and conditions of employment for civil servants and to conduct an assessment of the recruitment and retention policies and practices as a preliminary step to reducing turnover in Ministries with offices located in remote areas of the country.

My Contributions: Working with a project team assigned to support the Civil Service Agency, reviewed, analyzed and made recommendations associated with the modernization of a Civil Service Law comprised of 97 Articles describing terms and conditions of employment; drafted a set of terms and conditions of employment for contractual staff; produced a policy paper for the recruitment and retention of civil servants in remote areas to guide solutions and policy.

Outcome: Held a workshop to present documents and discuss the way forward to a cross section of senior executives. This served to guide decision-makers on matters relating to reform priorities and the scope of required changes. The link between recruitment in remote location and community economic and social development helped widen the range of solutions and promote cross ministry collaborations.

From my Journal: Inverted pyramid. How interesting it is to be working with so many young people. The proportion of children 0–14 years of age was over 40% of the total population and this statistic invariably flowed into the workforce. It not only had an impact on human resources priorities but also contributed to the pace and face of change in the public service. The change speedometer oscillated daily; searching for solace between norms set by long standing institutions and ideas that challenged them.

page-4-Laos-Presentation-toMaking a presentation to government officials.

page-4-Laos-Local-TransportThe local mode of transportation.  Very colourful.

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