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2005 AFGHANISTAN Customs Reform Project

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Project: Customs Reform Project in AFGHANISTAN

Year: 2005

Client Organization: Afghanistan Customs Department, Ministry of Finance

Donor: Department for International Development (DFID), GOV UK

Description of the Assignment: As part of the Customs Reform Project and Ministry of Finance Strategic Plan worked with the Deputy Minister Customs and Revenue, Director General Customs and the Deputy Director General Customs to develop a competency framework for the senior managers of the Afghanistan Customs Department headquarters.

My Contributions: In collaboration with the executive and management teams, conducted an organizational assessment of the Customs Department based on the CAMC methodology. This resulted in 25 recommendations to help build capacity and strategic alignment. The assessment also served to identify competency gaps resulting in the production of a core competency framework for 4 levels of management as well as modifications to the Customs Department structure. Change was enabled with the launch of a Steering Committee to oversee initiatives and the development of a performance development program consisting of professional development targets for each manager/executive set within a performance management cycle.

Outcome: The organizational assessment report covered 5 core capacities: 1. People; Ethics, Values and Organizational Culture; 3. Core Business; 4. Systems and Process 5. Structural.  The resulting recommendations served to build awareness of capacity development needs and guide the selection of development goals for the Ministry and Project Officials. The competency framework and performance management program served to guide the management training programs. This framework also contributed to other capacity building projects carried out in central agencies. e.g. Leadership Development Training Programs.

From my Journal: Odd as it may seem, this was the best summer of my entire career. Colleagues, clients, donors were all engaged, stimulated, inspired and motivated to make things better. Change was in the air and it was difficult not to get caught up in the excitement. There was as much uncertainty as there were set backs – but that only served to strengthen people’s resolve. The team’s local cheer: “For the good of the country!” still resonates in my mind. I found myself at the doorway to change in a place where everyone was watching.

page 5 Aghanistan Customs House HeratThe Herat International Airport. We are on our way to the Herat Customs House, of the busiest in Afghanistan.

page-5-Afghanistan-BirthdayCelebrating a birthday in Kabul.  The cake was shared with all office colleagues, a perhaps a few visitors as well.  It was absolutely delicious!

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