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2012 – 2014 BURUNDI Office Burundais des Recettes – Governance, Management and Human Resources

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Project: Office Burundais des Recettes – Governance, Management and Human Resources – BURUNDI

Year: 2012 – 2014

Client Organization: Office Burundais des Recettes (including Burundi Customs)

Donor: Department for International Development (DFID), UK

Description of the Assignment: To provide human resources and organizational development expertise in the following areas: governance arrangements, organization restructuring and right-sizing; HR policies and procedures; and capacity building of HR and Training Directorates.

My Contributions: Modified and implemented a new structure for the Agency involving transition and communication planning, change management, governance, workforce analytic and developing structures, job descriptions, human resources work processes, procedures and forms; developed and implemented policies on position administration, workforce development, recruitment and performance management including presentations, tools and workshops; designed and delivered an assertiveness training course for tax auditors; developed Board submissions to make policy changes and establish an HR Sub-committee to the Board; established a Workforce Development Committee and developed a collaborative strategy for the establishment of an East African Community certified customs training program in Burundi.

Outcome: A more agile and aligned organization coupled with made-to-measure human resources policies provided the OBR with a more effective management framework from which to achieve its strategic priorities; the on-the-job training and daily exposure to new processes and tools strengthened the HR and Training Directorates capacities, programs, services, roles and responsibilities; the Human Resources governance and collaborative arrangements provided the leadership with a more versatile capacity to make changes and build engagement.

From my Journal: This two-year assignment was a powerful experience of courage and unpretentious dedication. It allowed everyone to create, challenge and incite in ways I did not expect. We all know that an organization is more than just a group of skilled people. It is a group of skilled people whose interactions create value – and confidence.   This is what truly converts visions into realities.  Kudos to the OBR!

An “All Staff” event on Labour Day in Bujumbura.


Enjoying Labour Day with an OBR colleague from the Human Resources Directorate.


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