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2012 SEYCHELLES Advisory Support and Capacity Development on Critical Aspects of the Public Administration Reform Process

To provide advisory support and capacity development on critical aspects of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) process in the Republic of Seychelles; to provide advice and guidance on the accountability structure of government agencies and to conduct a high level functional review of the center of government agencies and departments mandated to …Read More

2010 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Global Fund Unit Assessment Project

To conduct an organizational assessment and environmental scan of the Global Fund Unit; to assess the state of readiness for transitioning the unit’s responsibility to the government’s Ministry of Health and to recommend strategic priorities and organizational modifications to the unit so as to …Read More

2006 RWANDA Civil Service Reform Project

In response to the Minister’s request a Public Administration Reform strategy was produced and presented recommending the development of 3 key frameworks to facilitate the start up and execution of the civil service reform. The strategy highlighted an Read More