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2012 – 2014 BURUNDI Office Burundais des Recettes – Governance, Management and Human Resources

The on-the-job training and daily exposure to new processes and tools strengthened the HR and Training Directorates capacities, programs, services, roles and responsibilities; the Human Resources governance and collaborative arrangements provided the leadership with …Read More

2009 AFGHANISTAN Merit Based Recruitment Review

The objective of the mission was to conduct a review of the merit-based recruitment system in the Government of Afghanistan Civil Service. This included a review of supervised appointments at all grade levels including compliance, training, reporting, resources and the overall …Read More

2009 INDIA Scarcity, Conflict and Cooperation in Government Public Service: Assessing the Scale, Nature, and Impact of Side-Payments for Human Resource Postings

This rather ‘academically’ inclined assignment emphasized the fragility of merit-based human resources practices and its intrinsic linkages to the organizational value system. The assignment brought elements of risk management, performance measurement and …Read More